About Me

First, a word about Phil the Thrill:
To someone who doesn’t know me, this nickname might indicate that I’m full of myself. Let me assure you that it’s a joke.
a. I’m barely cracking the top level of cycling at this point, and that’s not very thrilling in the big picture.
b. Even if I make it all the way, make millions of dollars, and win more tours than Lance, I realize that to most people I’m still a dude with shaved legs and brightly-colored tights who should really get the hell out of the road.
The Phil “the Thrill” nickname is ironic. I usually find irony very offensive, so it won’t happen again. I don’t do sarcasm, either.

In 2004, I retired from laziness and computer games and started riding a bike to lose weight. Quickly enamored with the sport, I bought a road bike and began a training program that fall.┬áSince then, I’ve gradually moved through the ranks, and I clawed my way into a contract with Garmin-Sharp for 2014. When I’m not off racing, home is Los Angeles, California.┬áMy goal is to see how far bike racing takes me, and begin a career as a writer/journalist/entrepreneur when I’m finally forced to hang up my wheels.

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